Post Processor Request For Quote

Selway Machine Tool technicians are available for Post Processor development. Please submit your request by following the instructions below. A Selway technician will confirm your request as soon as possible.


  1. Create a “Post test” part file that contains some simple operations. Please ensure that it has a minimum of 3 tools.
  • Include tapping if applicable.
  • Include high speed machining if applicable. High speed machining is usually handled in the Post Processor dialog box.

Post Property Setting Samples

  1. If you are working with an existing custom Post, please skip to step #5.
  2. If you are working with a standard HSM Post Processor, download the latest Post Processor for your machine from Autodesk using the following link –
  3. Install your new Post in the following folder:
    NOTE: you may have to overwrite an existing Post, please backup as required.
    HSMWorks | C:\Program Files\HSMWorks\Posts
    Inventor HSM | C:\Users\Public\Documents\Autodesk\Inventor HSM\Posts HSMWorks
    Fusion 360 Cloud – Post location instructions click here
    Fusion 360 Personal – Post location instructions click here  
  4. Post out gcode using your existing custom Post (as indicated in #2) or the new downloaded Post (as indicated in #3 and #4)
  5. Make a copy of the gcode file you just Posted out. Rename the new file by appending the word “edited”. You should now have two files, for example, and 101(edited).nc.
  6. Modify the ‘xxx(edited).nc’ gcode file so that the changes you need are reflected in the file.
    • Limit your changes to what is required. Cosmetic changes will increase your cost.
    • Simply edit the code as required for your machine. Do not make notations in the edited code.
  7. Take the following files and zip them up in a standard zip file.
    1. “Post test” part file
    2. The two gcode files (“as Posted” and edited)
    3. Post Processor used to Post files (new downloaded or existing custom Post)
    4. If you have one, a pdf programming manual for your machine
  8. Fill out the form to the right, attach the zip file you created in step #8 and be sure to hit “SEND”.

Request Form

NOTE: one form per machine type.

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